QUATRO CARVE PRO – Surfwave Thruster/Quad (2017)

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QUATRO Carve Pro Surfwave Thruster/Quad (2017)
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Carve Pro

Surfwave Thruster/Quad


The new Carve comes with new shapes and two new sizes. Keith Teboul: “The Carve is a performance paddle board for aggressive riding. 

The fuller center outline and a more pulled in nose introduce a forgiving approach into the design, allowing to come out of risky maneuvers, feet on deck, while the foam flow supports a distinctly dynamic approach. This board is for aggressive riding and will help you push your limits in the surf. The ISD™ (Integrated Stability Deck) provides a stable platform for ease of paddling and a comfortable ride, which in turn benefits strength and focus needed during moves on the wave. The bottom is a single to double concave through your stance and can be characterized as grippy, smooth and fast. The nose rocker has a lower entry, flowing smoothly into the paddling area and continuing into a relatively aggressive tail rocker for those quick radical transitions to the lip.” The new Carve comes without a front pad to save weight. You can either wax the stance in professional style or buy an optional Quatro Genuine Parts front pad. The board is lightened further by a new handle. Previous handles weighed 250 grams and the board weight increased by another 340 grams as the handle filled with water. The new slim handle is not only lighter, it also only gains 65 grams of water when submerged. The deck consists of a generous diamond grove Quatro pad covering both your paddling and surfing stance for added comfort, while leaving the nose and rails bare to save weight for improved performance. All boards come with a raised tail kick for added grip when riding waves.


PRO construction. Full sandwich build, featuring FDS ™ Full Deck Sandwich for immaculate flex, FBS™ Full Bottom Sandwich for supreme strength, DSS™ Double Sandwich Stance for paramount rigidity in the heel  areas, all laminated with Biaxial glass. This performance construction combines light weight, a crisp feel and excellent durability. We consciously do not use a carbon deck because it would result in too stiff  of a board for Sup surfing and inhibit much desired flex and pop.
Available in 95, 100, 110, 120 liters.


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