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Nexus Pro Freeride 5 Batten

The Nexus is the best sail choice for power, speed and maneuvers in conditions ranging from flat water to bump and jump, and a touch of surf. The heart and soul of freeride windsurfing is realized in the Nexus sail. Excellent low-end power, stability and easy control, blazing speed, big jumps and hard carving maneuvers- the Nexus will deliver beautifully on all of the above. The light, easy handling of Nexus makes light wind sailing more fun, and makes powered up sailing more comfortable and easy as well. Smaller sizes of Nexus are cut with higher foots for tight maneuvering, and larger sizes are cut more for low-end power and speed. Nexus transforms to suit the conditions. Built to last, Nexus features our all of
our finest construction details.


Super light super strong scrim panels, X-ply luff panel, 7mil mono film main window, 5mil mono film upper
window, carbon fiber stretch control, rip stop sleeve, molded tack fairing

New for 2018

Nexus 2018 design goal was to improve the high wind control and range of the sail, without losing any of the low end drive the sail is so well loved for. That goal has been achieved by small refinements in outline- a little shorter, a little more head outline, combined with new seam shape cuts providing a cleaner leech edge release which improves high wind control. At the same time, the Nexus remains very stable. We have updated the material in the tack and foot of the sail, the area that sees the most impacts, damage etc. with stronger film, stronger yarn configurations in the laminate, and also we’ve make this material in the body color of the sail for more visual impact on the water, style and safety. New combination nylon/composite leech mini battens stabilize the leech trailing edge making the sail quieter in the hands and also more durable against material breakdown caused by an excessively fluttering leech.
Available in 4.9, 5.4, 5.9, 6.4, 6.9, 7.4 square meters. Available in red.

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