GOYA BANZAI PRO 5.7 (2018)

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Goya Banzai 5.7 (2018)
Goya Banzai 5.7 (2018)

GOYA BANZAI PRO 3.7 2018 (2 ManoUsed) 2

Banzai  Pro Powerwave 4 Batten

The Banzai is the state-of-the-art, full throttle, explosive power, technical jump and maneuver World Cup performance wave sail. Banzai provides instant yet flexible power with very light handling alongside massive range in a wide variety of conditions. Equally at home in straight onshore wind and stormy surf, or brushed offshore reef break perfection- Banzai will give you the speed, control and confidence you need to push your performance level up. Banzai is designed to give you the power and neutral handling you need on the water, and the easy, reactive, finger-tip control you need in the air. Banzai also excels in wave style flat water/chop jump and maneuver sailing. Banzai matches well with single or multi fin boards.


Light super strong scrim panels, combination woven Dacron/scrim laminate hybrid luff panel, X-ply film spectra yarn reinforced window panel for maximum durability, carbon fiber stretch control, titanium poly clew outhaul system, rip stop sleeve, molded tack fairing. New For 2018 The Banzai 2018 is the result of nearly 2 years of dedicated R&D Marcilio Browne, Levi Siver and other top riders. This new design gives more of all the best features of Banzai- easy flexible power, mindless control, and massively improved range, especially in strong and challenging conditions. Reduced luff lengths in sizes 4.2 – 5.5 open the possibility to use 370 or 400 mast in 4.7, and 400 or 430 mast in 5.5 Shorter mast option creates a lighter, more flexible rig, while the longer mast option creates more fixed power and drive in the sail. New shape and profile cuts give the Banzai a more progressive threedimensional profile and twist characteristic that makes the sail like a chameleon that can adapt and excel in whatever conditions you encounter. New window shapes increase the viewing area through the sail and make it easier to pick your lines across the water. We have updated the material in the tack and foot of the sailthe area that seems the most impacts, damage etc,,, with stronger film, stronger yarn configurations in the laminate, and also we’ve make this material in the
body color of the sail for more visual impact on the water, more style, more safety. New combination nylon/composite leech mini battens stabilize the leech trailing edge making the sail quieter in the hands and also more durable against material breakdown caused by an excessively fluttering leech.
Available in 3.15, 3.4, 3.7, 4.0, 4.2, 4.5, 4.7, 5.0, 5.3, 5.5, 5.7, 6.0, 6.3 square meters. Available in fuchsia or red.Recommended wave mast RDM 90.
Recommended flatwater mast RDM 70.


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